Beech 76 Duchess, G-BODX, 16 April 2009

Beech 76 Duchess, G-BODX


The aircraft was on an instrument rating training flight with a student pilot in the left seat, an instructor in the right seat, and another student observing from the rear. The landing gear was not selected down during an asymmetric circuit, and the flaps were not selected beyond 15°. The flare resulted in a prolonged ‘float’, and the aircraft touched down on its underside approximately 800 metres beyond the threshold. The instructor attributed the accident to “instructor error”, and stated that contributory factors included the student’s diligence during the previous approaches, and the fact that it was the last landing of the last flight of the day. He stated that the landing gear warning horn had not sounded. The accident may have been avoided if the landing gear had been selected down, or the landing checklist had been completed correctly. If full flap had been deployed for landing, it is probable that the landing gear warning horn would have sounded to alert the crew to their error.

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Published 10 December 2014