Beech 58 Baron, N80HC, 4 July 2005

Beech 58 Baron, N80HC


The aircraft had completed an uneventful transit from Guernsey to Wellcross Farm, Sussex. The weather was good with isolated thunderstorms, one of which had recently passes over Wellcross Farm Airstrip. The runway had a short grass surface orientated 04/22, 650 m long by 40 m wide with an initial upslope on Runway 22. The weather on arrival was surface wind calm, visibility 10 km and BKN CB at 2,000 ft. The aircraft was configured with landing flap and gear down and a normal approach was made to Runway 22 at an approach IAS of 80 kt. The aircraft touched down approximately 35-40 m from the threshold and as the runway slopes up at that point, braking was not initiated until approximately 200 m along the runway. Despite modulating the application of the wheel brakes, the braking action was very poor. The pilot decided that it was too late to initiate a go-around and attempted to steer the aircraft off to the right into an adjacent wheat field. The aircraft departed the right side of the runway where the nose landing gear entered a drainage ditch and collapsed.

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Published 10 December 2014