Beech 36, N7205T, 1 July 2009

Beech 36, N7205T


The pilot took off from Tatenhill Airfield for a transit to Temple Bruer Airfield which was unfamiliar to him. Before departing the circuit at Tatenhill, he decided to practice short field takeoffs and landings because the grass runway at Temple Bruer was shorter than the runway he was used to. He wanted to complete the circuits quickly and decided to fly tighter circuits than normal. He also decided to delay lowering the landing gear until the aircraft was on short finals. There was less distance than usual from the end of the downwind leg to touchdown and a low power setting was required in order to descend onto the final approach path. The low power setting, combined with the landing gear selected to the UP position, triggered the landing gear warning horn during each approach. These circuits were completed uneventfully and the pilot flew to Temple Bruer Airfield where the surface wind was 090°/5 kt and the weather was CAVOK. He positioned for an approach to Runway 08 but did not lower the landing gear. Although the pilot remembered hearing the landing gear warning horn on the final approach, it did not prompt him to lower the landing gear. The aircraft touched down on the grass with the landing gear still selected UP and came to a halt on the runway shortly afterwards. The pilot was unhurt and exited through the passenger door.

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Published 10 December 2014