Beagle B121 Series 1 Pup, G-AXNL, 2 February 2005

Beagle B121 Series 1 Pup, G-AXNL


The aircraft suffered a reduction in power whilst over a densely populated area of North London. The selection of carburettor heat, the electric fuel pump and an alternate fuel tank did not resolve the situation. Realising that the aircraft’s continued adequate performance was unpredictable the pilot elected to carry out a precautionary landing in one of the few available fields. After a successful touchdown however, the aircraft pitched inverted as the nose wheel dug into soft ground. No reason could be found, after examination of the aircraft and its systems, for the reduction in performance. The weather conditions however, were conducive to moderate to severe carburettor icing at any power setting and it is possible that the pilot did not apply carburettor heat for the length of time required to clear any intake restriction.

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Published 10 December 2014