BAe HS125 Series 700, EI-WJN, 20 September 2005

BAe HS125 Series 700, EI-WJN


The aircraft was landing on Runway 31 at Prestwick from Shannon. As the aircraft touched down then it pulled sharply to the left. The application of right rudder pedal and brake were needed to keep the aircraft straight. The aircraft was turned off the runway and stopped on taxiway Kilo. AFS responded promptly with three vehicles. There was no fire and damage was limited to the LH landing gear. The damage was consistent with a tyre burst at, or very shortly after, touch-down. The only other damage was secondary, failure of the linkage retaining the door. Examination showed minor discrepancies but nothing to explain the failure of the tyres at or near touch-down. The landing was conducted in good weather conditions, with a moderate crosswind from the left, and appeared to have been at a normal descent rate and aircraft attitude. The accident was consistent with some brake pressure was being applied on the left-hand side of the aircraft at touch-down.

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Published 10 December 2014