Avro 146-RJ100, G-CFAD, 26 August 2003

Avro 146-RJ100, G-CFAD


After an uneventful flight the aircraft was positioned onto the final approach to Runway 10 at London City Airport. This runway has a steep approach with a 5.5 degree glideslope. The final stage of the ILS was flown without the use of the autopilot and autothrust and the aircraft descended slightly below the glideslope. In regaining the glideslope insufficient power was used to correct for the resultant decay in airspeed leading the aircraft to be 8 kt below the correct speed at touchdown. In an attempt to arrest the rate of descent in the flare a pitch attitude of 7.82 degrees was reached, resulting in the aircraft striking its tail on the runway. Information provided by the manufacturer indicates a tail strike will occur at pitch attitudes on touchdown in excess of 6.9 degrees. The operator took appropriate safety action and so there were no safety recommendations

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