Avro 146-RJ100, G-BXAR, 13 February 2009

Avro 146-RJ100, G-BXAR


Following an uneventful ILS approach to Runway 27 at London City Airport, the nose landing gear collapsed as it was lowered onto the runway during the landing. The cockpit and cabin subsequently filled with dense smoke. After coming to a stop, all passengers and crew evacuated the aircraft on the runway. Three passengers were subsequently treated for minor injuries and two were kept in hospital overnight. The nose landing gear had fractured due to the presence of a fatigue crack in the upper internal bore of the landing gear main fitting. The crack had formed as a result of poor surface finish during manufacture and the incomplete embodiment of Messier Dowty Service Bulletin SB146-32-150, which the landing gear maintenance records showed as being implemented at its last overhaul in June 2006. CAA Airworthiness Directive 002-06-2000 mandated BAE Systems Service Bulletin 32-158, which referred to Messier Dowty SB146-32-149; this required repetitive inspections of of the nose landing gear. As SB 146-32-150 was the terminating action for Service Bulletin SB 146-32-149, the operator was not then required to conduct any repetitive in-service inspections designed to detect the onset of fatigue cracks.

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Published 10 December 2014