Avions Pierre Robin DR400-120, F-GMGP, 26 July 2009

Avions Pierre Robin DR400-120, F-GMGP


After landing, following an uneventful flight from Lessay, France, the aircraft was cleared to taxi via Taxiway B to its parking position. Taxiway B slopes down before making a 90° turn to the right. The pilot had not used the foot brakes during the landing and, when she applied them on the downhill taxiway, her seat slid violently backwards. The pilot was then unable to reach either the rudder pedals or foot brakes. The aircraft continued straight ahead running off the left side of the taxiway as the taxiway curved round to the right. The pilot shut down the engine and applied the hand operated parking brake but, although able to slow the aircraft, was unable to prevent it from hitting the airfield boundary hedge and fence at low speed. The pilot reported having checked that the seat was locked in position before departure from Lessay and was later unable to account for the seat movement.

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Published 10 December 2014