Avid Speedwing Mk 4, G-BUFV, 10 June 2005

Avid Speedwing Mk 4, G-BUFV


After landing from an earlier uneventful 45 minute flight from Toomebridge, the pilot decided to carry out another flight and took off again without having shut down the engine. Shortly after take-off, at around 300 ft, he noticed a change in engine note and a ‘metal ringing’ sound. At the same time he noted a loss of engine power, and although the engine still responded to throttle movement with a change in RPM, the aircraft was unable to maintain altitude. The pilot carried out a forced ditching into nearby Lough Neagh. The pilot and passenger were uninjured and able to exit the aircraft through the perspex roof. Engine strip examination revealed that the torque values on the cylinder head nuts were noted to be less than that required in the manual (26-29 lbf ft). A hole was observed around one of the two cylinder head studs where hot gasses had burned through the head gasket and the outer cylinder casing.

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G-BUFV 10-05.pdf (248.73 kb)

Published 10 December 2014