Avid Aerobat (Modified), G-LAPN, 2 January 2006

Avid Aerobat (Modified), G-LAPN


The pilot/owner, having rigged the aircraft, carried out the normal external checks which included taking a fuel sample from the fuel tank drain and checking for contamination; none was observed. Following engine start the pilot taxied the aircraft to the holding point for Runway 25L where power checks were carried out satisfactorily. The aircraft was then taxied onto the runway, the throttle opened, full power rpm observed and the take-off roll started. Approximately three-quarters of the way down the runway the pilot noticed a change in the engine sound and upon checking the engine rpm gauge saw that it had reduced by about 250 rpm. The throttle and choke controls were checked and found to be in their correct positions which led the pilot to abandon the takeoff. The aircraft overran the runway and hit a single track road which launched the aircraft into the air to a height of between 5 and 10 ft from which it fell back to the ground in a nose-down attitude. The surface temperature and humidity figures were plotted on the carburettor icing probability chart which showed a possibility of serious carburettor icing at any engine power setting.

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Published 10 December 2014