Aviat A-1B Husky, G-HSKI, 3 January 2010

Aviat A-1B Husky, G-HSKI


Shortly after touching down on a private airstrip, the aircraft (a tailwheel type) nosed over and came to rest on its back. The occupants, who reported that they were both wearing full harnesses, exited the aircraft through the right door, uninjured. The weather was fine, with no wind, but the landing surface was snow covered. The pilot reported that he had landed on snow covered surfaces in the same area in the preceding two weeks, but on those occasions the surface had been of compacted snow about four inches deep. Prior to the accident flight, the pilot was advised that the snow on the airstrip was about 12 inches deep, but he thought the surface would have compacted because snow had been lying on it for about 10 days. It subsequently became apparent that the airstrip was covered in about 10 inches of uncompacted snow.

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Published 10 December 2014