Auster 5J1 Autocrat, G-AMTM, 22 April 2006

Auster 5J1 Autocrat, G-AMTM


The pilot, who was the farm strip owner, had placed two wooden electricity poles across the beginning of the runway to stop vandals accessing the strip. The weather was CAVOK and the surface wind was calm. When the aircraft was on final approach, at approximately 150 ft, the pilot was distracted by a runner, on his right, going around the edge of the field in the undershoot. As the aircraft touched down the left main landing gear struck one of the poles. As a result it was bent rearwards and the left wing tip touched the ground. The aircraft then veered to the left and went into an arable field that surrounds the strip. As the aircraft came to a stop the main landing gear dug into the soil, causing the aircraft to briefly tip over onto its nose before coming to rest on its tail wheel in its normal three point attitude. The pilot and his passenger vacated the aircraft uninjured. As a result damage was sustained to the left main landing gear, left wing tip, propeller, nose cowling. The engine was shock-loaded when the propeller touched the ground.

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Published 10 December 2014