American General AG-5B, G-BYDX, 7 May 2005

American General AG-5B, G-BYDX


The pilot had flown from a private airstrip at Farley Farm to Lee-on-Solent Aerodrome to collect a passenger and return to the airstrip. Takeoff from Runway 24 at Farley Farm had been uneventful with a surface wind, assessed from the windsock, of north-westerly at 10 kt. The grass airstrip is approximately 700 metres long and is bounded by a hedge at the northern end and by trees at the southern end. There is a downslope from mid runway towards the southern end. With the physical characteristics of the airstrip, the preferred takeoff is from Runway 24 and the preferred landing is on Runway 06. The windsock is located close to the mid-point of the runway. During his return flight, the pilot had checked the ATIS at Southampton. This broadcast gave the surface wind as 310º/10 to 12 kt but with large variations. On arrival at Farley Farm, the pilot assessed the wind to be similar to that he had experienced on takeoff and his passenger noted the windsock showing the surface wind at right angles to the runway. The pilot decided to land on Runway 06 and subsequently made a normal approach. Touchdown was near the mid-point of the runway and the pilot was unable to stop the aircraft before it struck a gate in the hedge at its end. In an honest report, the pilot considered that the wind may have backed and strengthened during the approach and resulted in a tailwind for landing, which he had been too slow to appreciate. He assessed the most likely cause of the accident as “Hubris, leading to nemesis”

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Published 10 December 2014