Airbus A340-313, G-VAIR, 27 April 2008

Airbus A340-313, G-VAIR


which time the pilot flying made a left rudder pedal input. A go-around was initiated. However, the aircraft touched down and the left main landing gear ran off the paved runway for a distance of 180 m. No significant damage occurred. The Ministry of Transport (Air Accident Investigation Department) of Kenya delegated the entire investigation to the UK AAIB and appointed an Accredited Representative to assist with the subsequent enquiries. At an early stage of the investigation the AAIB issued a Special Bulletin to publicise factual information available at that time. Due to the inability to obtain pertinent information related to a number of areas of inquiry, the Chief Inspector of Air Accidents has ordered that this report be completed as a Bulletin rather than an Inspector’s Investigation. Five Safety Recommendations are made.

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Published 10 December 2014