Airbus A330-323X, N270AY, 29 May 2008

Airbus A330-323X, N270AY


The aircraft suffered a loss of Engine Pressure Ratio (EPR) information for the left engine during the takeoff roll. The takeoff was rejected at about 120 kt. During the deceleration the brake reaction rod on the left main rear (No 5) wheel was released from its mounting, the brake pack rotated and caused damage to the brake hydraulic lines. The aircraft was decelerated to taxi speed and taxied clear of the runway to a parking area. During taxi two tyres deflated and most of the contents of the Green hydraulic system were lost. The investigation found that the pin attaching the brake reaction rod to the brake unit had suffered an overload failure; evidence suggested that it was in a weakened condition following an earlier, unidentified event. The EPR problem was the result of a failure in a pressure sensing tube that supplied the FADEC on the No 1 engine.

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Published 10 December 2014