Airbus A320, LZ-BHA, 19 June 2005

Airbus A320, LZ-BHA


Although most stands at the airport were marked with white boundary lines, Stand 27 was not. In preparation for the aircraft’s arrival, a member of the ground crew used a small tug to position a set of mobile steps adjacent to the stand, in a position which he judged would be safe, and then adjusted their height to approximately that of the A320 doorway. Another member of ground crew switched on the AGNIS (Azimuth Guidance Nose-In Stands) which provides guidance to the commander for manoeuvring the aircraft onto the stand. The commander taxied the aircraft onto the stand normally, following the AGNIS indication, and brought the aircraft to a stop. As the aircraft came to a halt, the left wing collided with the mobile steps. The handling agent’s procedures required the ground crew to ensure that the stand was clear before activating the AGNIS equipment.

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Published 10 December 2014