Airbus A320, EI-DIJ, 29 March 2006

Airbus A320, EI-DIJ


The Airbus A320 was operating a scheduled flight from Liverpool (John Lennon) Airport (LPL) to Londonderry/Eglinton Airport (LDY) in Northern Ireland. At eight nm from LDY, the operating crew reported that they were having problems with the ILS glideslope on approach to Runway 26. They judged that they were too high to carry out a safe landing from the ILS approach and requested permission from ATC to carry out a visual approach. The aircraft then flew a right descending orbit and a visual circuit, from which it landed. Upon landing, the crew were advised by ATC that they had, in fact, landed at Ballykelly airfield (BKL), 5 nm to the east-north-east of LDY.

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Published 10 December 2014