Airbus A320-211 and Boeing 737-86N, D-AIQA and EI-DKD, 5 August 2008

Airbus A320-211, D-AIQA and Boeing 737-86N, EI-DKD


An Airbus A320 had turned right off the main taxiway onto a link taxiway and stopped short of the runway prior to an intersection takeoff. It stopped 24.2 m short of the stop bar with its tail extending into the main taxiway. A following Boeing 737 was cleared to the holding point at the beginning of the runway, beyond the position where the A320 had stopped. That involved taxiing behind the A320, with an instruction to give way to the Airbus. The crew of the 737 believed that a clearance to the end of the taxiway meant that there were no obstacles to affect their aircraft. They also considered that there was sufficient clearance between their aircraft and the tail of the A320. As the 737 passed behind the A320, its right winglet struck the tail of the A320. Both aircraft were damaged.

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Published 10 December 2014