Airbus A320-200, C-FTDF, 3 August 2003

Airbus A320-200, C-FTDF


The aircraft was returning to Cardiff with 162 passengers for an ILS approach to Runway 30. On finals the ECAM showed a STEERING caption and the crew cycled the (A/SKID & N/W STRG) switch. After landing the aircraft did not decelerating normally and the FO announced ‘Manual Braking’. The commander pressed the brakes without effect. The crew then selected maximum reverse thrust and cycled the A/SKID & N/W STRG switch. The commander again attempted pedal braking, without effect, and the crew selected the A/SKID & N/W STRG switch OFF. The commander braked to bring the aircraft to a halt about 40 metres from the end of the runway, bursting three mainwheel tyres. There was no fire and the aircraft was later evacuated. Analysis showed that it took ten to thirteen seconds for the commander to recognise the lack of pedal braking and there was no overt warning from the ECAM of the malfunction of the BSCU. Two Recommendations were made by the AAIB to the aircraft manufacturer, concerning improvement of warning to the crew of BSCU malfunction and the earlier application of maximum reverse thrust in the FCOM ‘Loss of Braking’ procedure.

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Published 10 December 2014