Airbus A319-111, G-EZFI, 6 January 2011

Airbus A319-111, G-EZFI


The airport’s runway and taxiways had been treated with de-icing chemicals. After landing, the aircraft vacated Runway 25 on to Taxiway D, with reverse thrust still deployed. Smoke began to enter the cabin and the cabin manager advised the flight crew. As the smoke became thicker, the cabin manager recommended to the flight crew that an evacuation was necessary. The commander stopped the aircraft and the flight crew began their evacuation procedure. At the same time, the cabin manager initiated an evacuation in the cabin. When the commander heard the forward cabin doors being opened, he immediately shut down the engines. During the evacuation one passenger received minor injuries.

The de-icing chemicals were most probably the source of the smoke, the density of which was probably exacerbated by the prolonged use of reverse thrust.

The aircraft and airport operators each conducted their own investigations and made internal recommendations on the lessons learned from this incident.

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Published 10 December 2014