Airborne Edge XT912-B/Streak III-B, G-XTEE, 17 March 2013

Airborne Edge XT912-B/Streak III-B, G-XTEE


The aircraft was one of two flex-wing microlights scheduled for a flight test from a 420 m long private airstrip, about 7 nm south of Shrewsbury. The weather was clear and calm, with a light surface wind from 230°, which was directly along the airstrip. The ground was described as wet, under about 3 inches of frozen snow.

After the two test flights had been completed satisfactorily, the owner of G-XTEE decided to fly the aircraft himself, encouraged by the fact that the two earlier flights had been successful. However, he abandoned the first takeoff after the aircraft failed to gain sufficient speed. He made another attempt to take off, during which the aircraft reached about 40 mph. He was unable to raise the nose clear of the ground and the aircraft entered a skid to the right, which he tried to correct. However, he lost directional control and the aircraft slewed to the left and tipped over.

The pilot, who was uninjured, later considered that the ground conditions had proved unsuitable for takeoff and that his best course of action would have been to forgo a second takeoff attempt.

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Published 10 December 2014