AgustaWestland AW139, G-CHCV, 23 December 2008

AgustaWestland AW139, G-CHCV


Whilst on a flight from North Denes Heliport to a North Sea drilling platform, the aircraft’s crew alerting system displayed a VNE MISCOMPARE message. This was followed by the loss of No 2 engine indications and other aircraft system parameters. The No 1 engine parameters indicated normal operation and the crew elected to return to North Denes Heliport. Whilst still in cloud, the crew received indications that there was a fire in the baggage compartment at the rear of the aircraft. The commander then lost all altitude, airspeed and vertical speed information from his Primary Flight Display. Once below cloud, another company helicopter flew alongside G-CHCV and confirmed that there was no evidence of fire and a safe landing ensued. The spurious warnings and the loss of indications were found to be due to corrosion in an avionic module. The corrosion had occurred due to the module cabinet being cooled by unfiltered, non-conditioned air drawn from intakes on the fuselage underside. The situation was exacerbated by the helicopter being operated in a maritime environment. One Safety Recommendation is made.

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Published 10 December 2014