Aerosport Ltd Ikarus C42, G-CEAN, 16 July 2009

Aerosport Ltd Ikarus C42, G-CEAN


The pilot was carrying out a bi-annual flight with a flying instructor in benign weather conditions with a light southerly wind. The instructor demonstrated a takeoff on grass Runway 21, (which has a length of 900 m) followed by a simulated engine failure and landing on the remaining runway. He commented to the pilot that a positive round-out was necessary to take account of the up-sloping runway. The pilot then attempted the exercise twice, but on the first attempt the instructor took over, and on the second the pilot landed the aircraft heavily. Two further demonstrations were flown by the instructor and the pilot then flew one successful manoeuvre. The pilot asked to fly one more practice and, although the instructor commented that nothing appeared abnormal until ‘the last milliseconds’, the aircraft struck the ground hard, sustaining damage. The instructor commented afterwards that he believed the aircraft might have encountered windshear during the landing.

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Published 10 December 2014