Aerospatiale/Westland SA 341G Gazelle, YU-HEW, 26 January 2008

Aerospatiale/Westland SA 341G Gazelle, YU-HEW


The pilot, who was experienced in fixed-wing aircraft but newly-qualified in helicopters, was undertaking a helicopter flight with a passenger, in gusty wind conditions. He was seen flying slowly, at a low level, near a chalet he owned in the grounds of an hotel when the aircraft was seen to spin around, before pitching up and falling to the ground, fatally injuring the two occupants. It is considered that the pilot lost control of the helicopter whilst flying at low forward airspeed in strong and gusty wind conditions. The investigation revealed inconsistencies, and probable deficiencies, in the training of the pilot and inconsistencies, and possible deficiencies, in his subsequent PPL(H) Skills Test. Deficiencies in the aircraft’s maintenance were also identified, although these are not considered causal or contributory to the accident. Five Safety Recommendations are made.

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