Aeroprakt A22L Foxbat, G-CGWP, 10 January 2012

Aeroprakt A22L Foxbat, G-CGWP


Shortly after departure the aircraft started to “shudder violently”. The pilot reduced power and the shuddering stopped, but then the rudder jammed and subsequently the elevator also jammed. The pilot was able to make a safe landing using ailerons to steer the aircraft and engine power to control the descent rate. The aircraft shuddering had been caused by a rudder ‘flutter’ event and the rudder and elevator jammed when the lower hinge of the rudder anti-balance tab separated causing the tab to move aft. The exact cause of the rudder ‘flutter’ and the hinge separation could not be determined. However, the aircraft type was briefly grounded following this incident and two modifications have been developed by the Light Aircraft Association to prevent a recurrence.

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Published 10 December 2014