Aeronca 7AC Champion G-BVCS, 6 August 2006

Aeronca 7AC Champion, G-BVCS


After takeoff, at approximately 100 ft aal, the aircraft’s engine lost some power. The pilot retarded the throttle slightly before opening it fully. Full power was regained and the climb was continued. At approximately 300 ft aal the engine lost all power and stopped. The pilot flew a forced landing into a field of wheat on the airfield. During the landing roll the aircraft’s main landing gear collapsed. The temperature was 27º C and the dew point was 14º C. Testing of the aircraft’s engine and fuel system after the accident revealed no pre-existing damage and no mechanical reason as to why the engine failed. The aircraft’s magnetos were subsequently sent to an independent maintenance organisation for testing. Under test one magneto stopped when it got up to operating temperature due to leaking insulation. The other showed signs of failure before stopping. These results imply that the most probable cause of the engine failure was a double magneto failure. Given the high ambient temperature it is likely that the magnetos achieved a high operating temperature soon after take off prior to the failure of one followed by the other.

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Published 10 December 2014