Aeronca 11BC Chief, G-BUTF, 20 June 2012

Aeronca 11BC Chief, G-BUTF


The pilot, who had not flown the aircraft type before, taxied the aircraft around the airfield, including a fast taxi along the runway to satisfy himself that he “felt confident at the controls”. He then taxied to the beginning of the runway, lined-up and applied full power. At 25 to 35 mph and with the tail up, he felt the aircraft drifting to the left and applied right rudder to compensate. As he did so, the aircraft turned sharply right. He lowered the tail and selected “power off” but the aircraft skidded into a crop to the right of the runway. The left wingtip, rudder, tailplane, tailwheel and right mainwheel were damaged before the aircraft stopped. The pilot believed that he accidentally depressed the right heel brake when applying the initial right rudder correction.

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Published 10 December 2014