AAIB investigation to Aero AT-3 R100, G-SACY

Heavy landing, nose leg collapsed, Sherburn in Emmet, 9 March 2014.


The student had not flown for 60 days and therefore flew for 35 minutes, with his instructor, during which time he successfully completed three circuits. The instructor briefed the student to continue flying solo touch-and-go circuits and to ensure that the aircraft was returned to the airfield fuel pump by 1530 hrs.

The student successfully flew three circuits, but due to activity in the circuit conducted a go-around on the third circuit. While downwind on the fourth circuit the student noted that it was now 1515 hrs and therefore elected to make this his last landing. The student reported that he realised late on the approach that he was too high and fast and consequently touched down beyond his normal aiming point. He thought the aircraft had made a firm touchdown and did not immediately recognise that it had in fact bounced until it started ‘porposing’, by which time it was too late to initiate a go-around. The aircraft landed on its nosewheel causing the nose leg to collapse and detach from the aircraft. Two of the propeller blades were also damaged and engine was shock-loaded.

Following the accident the CFI of the flying club carried out a review of the revision training that instructors should carry out if a student has not flow for a significant period.

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Aero AT-3 R100 G-SACY 07-14.pdf (133.16 kb)

Published 10 December 2014