Aero AT-3 R100, G-SACY, 5 September 2012

Aero AT-3 R100, G-SACY


After an uneventful flight from the aircraft’s base at Sherburn in Elmet, the pilot prepared for a landing on Runway 26 at Fishburn. The weather was fine, with a surface wind from 330° at 8 to 10 kt. The pilot discontinued his first approach because the aircraft was too high on final. He was content with the second approach, despite the crosswind presenting some difficulty, but as he was about to reduce power and flare for landing, the stall warning activated, which he recalled thinking had sounded unusually early. He thought he may have lowered the nose briefly in response, but the aircraft appeared to stall before striking the runway in a nose-low attitude.

The nosewheel broke off and the aircraft came to rest on its main wheels and propeller spinner. The pilot and his passenger were uninjured and both vacated the aircraft to await assistance from airfield personnel. The pilot thought that the aircraft may have stalled as it flew into the lee of hangars and trees, impacting the runway before he had time to take recovery action.

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