Aero AT-3 R100, G-SACY, 14 May 2009

Aero AT-3 R100, G-SACY


The pilot, who was flying a series of circuits, inadvertently selected the choke instead of the carburettor heat during the downwind leg of the fifth circuit. As he reduced power and turned onto final approach, the engine stopped and he made a forced landing in a nearby field. The aircraft nosed-over during the landing roll and the pilot, who was uninjured, had to be released from the aircraft by the Airfield Fire and Rescue Service. The most likely reasons for the engine stoppage were considered to be: an over-rich mixture due to the inadvertent selection of the choke, or carburettor icing due to the carburettor heat not being selected. The choke and carburettor heat controls are situated close together on the centre panel extension. The choke control has a cylindrical yellow knob whilst the carburettor heat has a square blue knob. Both controls have a similar action: pulling the knob selects the system ON and turning the knob to the right locks it in the ON position.

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Published 10 December 2014