AAIB investigation to Yak-52, G-CBMD

Inadvertent landing gear retraction on ground, Rochester Airport, Kent, 3 May 2014.


The aircraft landed on Runway 02 at Rochester after a local flight. As the aircraft was taxiing towards the runway exit, the pilot intended to retract the wing flaps inadvertently selected the landing gear. The rear of the aircraft and the left wingtip then slowly sank to the grass surface as the landing gear partially retracted, causing slight damage.

The pilot attributed the accident to human error. A significant contributory factor was his lack of recent flying on type: he had flown only once since December 2013, that flight being in a PA-28 aircraft in April 2014.

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Yak-52 G-CBMD 08-14.pdf (132.48 kb)

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Published 10 December 2014