AAIB investigation to Vans RV-9A, G-CDRV

Aircraft departed runway, Langham, Norfolk , 27 July 2014.


The aircraft made what the pilot considered was a normal approach and touchdown on Runway 02 at Langham Airfield. Whilst decelerating, the pilot positioned his aircraft close to the left edge of the available landing area to avoid molehills he could see near the centre of the grass strip. At a little above normal taxiing speed the aircraft yawed to the left and the pilot was unable to prevent the left mainwheel from leaving the strip and going down into a deep trough in the adjacent cornfield. The aircraft then veered further to the left and the nosewheel also went into the trough. This caused the aircraft to pitch forward and the propeller and right wing came into firm contact with the ground. The pilot and his passenger were uninjured and after shutting down, they vacated the aircraft normally.

The pilot believed the accident occurred because he positioned himself too close to the edge of the runway and had insufficient room to correct the aircraft’s initial swing to the left.

Download report:

Vans RV-9A G-CDRV 11-14.pdf

Published 10 December 2014