AAIB investigation to Vans RV-7, HB-YLM

Loss of directional control on takeoff, Airstrip near Fort Augustus, Inverness-shire, 11 June 2014.


The aircraft was flying in fine, calm conditions at 2,000 ft over Loch Ness when its engine began to run roughly. On his GPS navigation display, the pilot identified a farm airstrip near the town of Fort Augustus. He flew over the airstrip to inspect it and decided to carry out a precautionary landing there, which he did successfully. After landing, the pilot checked the fuel and carburation systems, and found no faults. A fuel sample was clear. Engine runs at up to full throttle were normal, so the pilot prepared to takeoff again.

During the subsequent takeoff, the aircraft drifted to the left side of the airstrip, on what the pilot described as damp grass. He attempted to correct the deviation with rudder input but this was not effective, so he reduced to idle power to abandon the takeoff. The left wing struck a fence post, causing the aircraft to yaw left and pass through the fence line. The right wing also struck a fence post before the aircraft came to a stop.

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Vans RV-7 HB-YLM 08-14.pdf (134.12 kb)

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Published 10 December 2014