AAIB investigation to Vans RV-6, G-GDRV

Groundloop on landing at Gloucestershire Airport, 21 April 2014.


The aircraft had landed on Runway 04 at Gloucestershire Airport after a normal approach. During the rollout, Air Traffic Control (ATC) instructed the pilot to take the next exit on the right, but as he was about to respond, the aircraft swung to the right and left the paved surface. It completed a 360º groundloop before coming to a halt back on the runway. The pilot taxied the aircraft back to the hangar where he shut down the aircraft normally. It was found that part of the left mainwheel spat had detached and the left landing gear leg was bent.

He believes that a lack of experience on type coupled with being momentarily distracted by ATC allowed the swing to develop out of control.

Download report:

Vans RV-6 G-GDRV 09-14.pdf (127.22 kb)

Published 10 December 2014