AAIB investigation to Thruster T600N 450, G-PSUK

Loss of engine power and forced landing, Balado Park Airfield, 14 August 2014.


The student was flying touch-and-go circuits under the supervision of an instructor. The instructor reported that near to the airfield was a large slow moving weather system. During the base leg on the third circuit, large droplets of rain had started to fall and the instructor noticed that the wind direction had also changed to a tail wind on the final approach so the student positioned the aircraft for a touch-and-go on the reciprocal Runway 06. The approach and touchdown seemed normal but, at a height of about 85 ft during the climb out, the engine spluttered and lost power. The instructor took control and, with the airspeed stabilised at the recommended best glide speed of 45 kt, looked for a suitable landing site. Directly ahead of the aircraft’s flight path were a row of trees and he initially turned about 20° to the right, however this was towards an area of marshy ground so he turned to the left again. The aircraft landed heavily in an almost wings level attitude and came to a stop after it ran into a hedgerow. The instructor and student were both wearing full harnesses and suffered minor injuries.

The instructor considered that the loss of engine power had been due to carburettor icing. The recorded temperature at the airfield was +14°C and the dewpoint was +12°C.

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Thruster T600N 450 G-PSUK 12-14

Published 16 December 2014