AAIB investigation to Stits Playboy SA3A, G-BVVR

Loss of control while taxiing; Goodwood Aerodrome; 8 September 2014.


The pilot reported that he had just purchased the aircraft and was intending to fly it from Goodwood Aerodrome to Oaksey Park in Wiltshire. This was to be his first flight in the aircraft.

The pilot taxied the aircraft on the grass towards Runway 32. As the aircraft approached the runway threshold the pilot “suddenly and inexplicably” lost control of the aircraft. The aircraft turned left through about 90° and then collided with a temporary fence which stopped the engine. It came to rest imbedded in the fence and was substantially damaged. Having isolated the aircraft’s fuel and electrics the pilot vacated the aircraft uninjured.

The pilot commented that his unfamiliarity with the layout of the cockpit and controls on G BVVR may have contributed to the accident.

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Stits Playboy SA3A G-BVVR 12-14

Published 16 December 2014