AAIB investigation to Skyranger Swift 912S(1), G-CDMV

Skyranger Swift 912S(1) (G-CDMV), nose gear collapse after bounced landing at London Colney Airstrip, 31 October 2014.


The aircraft made an approach to Runway 23 at London Colney airstrip with the wind direction and strength reported to be southerly at 8 kt by Elstree Airfield. On touchdown the aircraft bounced twice before the nosewheel collapsed and it flipped inverted.

The pilot has stated that another pilot at the airfield reported that the wind had been very variable but, whilst he believes this may have contributed to the bounce, he recognises that he should have initiated a go-around after the first bounce.

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Skyranger Swift 912S(1) G-CDMV 01-15

Published 9 January 2015