AAIB investigation to Short SC7 Skyvan 3, G-BEOL (Addendum)

Nose landing gear fracture with nosewheel detachment, Weston-on-the Green, 3 May 2013.


As the nosewheel contacted the ground on touchdown on Runway 27 at Weston-on-the-Green the nosewheel and yoke assembly detached from the aircraft. The aircraft veered off the runway and came to a stop with a nose-down attitude. There were no injuries to the crew or passengers. The nose landing gear had fractured across the plated portion of the oleo. A forensic examination of the damaged nose landing gear assembly is being carried out by the manufacturer.

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Short SC7 Skyvan 3 G-BEOL Addendum 02-15

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Published 12 February 2015