AAIB investigation to Schleicher ASW 20 L, G-LYSA

Crashed on approach to land, North Hill Airfield, Sheldon, Devon, 18 June 2014.


The glider was making an approach to the landing site and was witnessed flying at a near constant low height along much of the field. The glider then entered a steep right turn at the upwind end of the field, during which the nose dropped. The glider struck the ground in a steep nose down attitude, probably as a result of stalling during the turn. The pilot was fatally injured.

It was considered that the pilot probably made an error of substitution by operating the landing gear lever rather than the airbrake. As a result of this accident, the BGA re-issued a Safety Alert letter to owners of this type of glider to inform them of the risks of using the wrong control whilst attempting to operate the airbrake lever.

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Schleicher ASW 20L, G-LYSA

Published 14 May 2015