AAIB investigation to Robin ATL, G-GGHZ

Heavy landing, Beverley (Linley Hill) Airfield, East Yorkshire, 25 July 2014.


The pilot flew three solo circuits then landed to pick up an examiner for his biennial proficiency check. The weather conditions were good, with a light and variable northerly wind.

After completing general handling in the local area, the aircraft returned to the circuit for a practice forced landing to a go-around. The pilot then positioned the aircraft for his first landing, a touch-and-go, on grass Runway 12. The approach, at 60 kt with full flap, appeared normal. However, as the pilot flared the aircraft, in what he thought was the usual position, the rate of descent did not reduce and the aircraft landed heavily, bounced and pitched forward. It landed again on the nosewheel and the nose landing gear collapsed, allowing the propeller to make contact with the ground. The aircraft ran along the runway for about 50 yards before coming to a halt. The pilots, who were uninjured, made the aircraft safe and vacated it normally. There was no fire.

The pilot, who normally flies the aircraft solo, considered that he had not made sufficient allowance for the additional weight of the examiner. Also, fatigue at the end of a long day, may have been a factor.

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Robin ATL G-GGHZ 11-14.pdf

Published 10 December 2014