AAIB investigation to Rans S6-ESD Coyote II, G-MYBI

Loss of control on takeoff, Ashcroft Airfield, Cheshire, 11 June 2014.


The pilot prepared for a local flight in fine weather conditions. The surface wind was from 270° at 7 kt, with Runway 27 in use; the runway was grass, 520 m long and 11 m wide. The takeoff run was normal and the aircraft became airborne at the expected point. After lift off, the pilot held the aircraft at a low height in order to gain airspeed. As he did so, the left wing was suddenly lifted by what the pilot thought was a gust of wind and the aircraft turned to the right. The pilot corrected the roll but was unable to stop the aircraft passing over an area of long grass beside the runway, at low height and speed.

The aircraft started to sink and the pilot elected to abandon the takeoff attempt and land ahead. As he flared the aircraft, the landing gear contacted the grass, causing the aircraft to pitch nose down and come to an abrupt stop. The pilot likened the touchdown to no more than a heavy landing; neither he nor his passenger was injured

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Rans S6-ESD Coyote II G-MYBI 09-14.pdf (127.68 kb)

Published 10 December 2014