AAIB investigation to Piper PA-28-161, G-BFYM

Heavy landing following engine failure at Beverley Airfield on 30 December 2014


Two days previously, the aircraft had force-landed without damage in a field just south-east of Beverley Airfield following an engine failure. After examination by an engineer during which no faults were found, the engine was successfully test run and it was concluded that the failure may have been due to carburettor icing. The decision was made to fly the aircraft out of the field and back the short distance to the airfield.

At about 1000 hrs on the day of the accident, the pilot started the engine and ran it for 10 minutes, including a power check, before taxiing for take off. A second power check was performed before the aircraft took off under full power and climbed away normally. However, on final approach to Runway 30 the engine again lost all power and the pilot lowered the nose to maintain airspeed. Fearing that it might strike a ditch that preceded the threshold, he raised the nose again just clearing the ditch, although the aircraft now stalled and landed heavily, detaching the nosewheel and right mainwheel before coming to a halt.

No cause of the failure has been determined, although the pilot suspects that the second failure was not carburettor icing.

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Piper PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior II G-BFYM 03-15.

Published 12 March 2015