AAIB investigation to Pietenpol Air Camper, G-ECVB

Landing gear failure during a ‘touch-and-go’, RAF Cranwell, Lincolnshire, 23 July 2014


The right landing gear collapsed during a touch-and-go due to the failure of the right landing gear tie-rod-end. The Light Aircraft Association (LAA) investigation identified that the tie-rod-end was of a lower specification to that required by the production drawings. As a result of feedback on the condition of the tie-rod-ends on other aircraft, the LAA published Airworthiness Information Leaflet LAA/MOD/047/009 Issue 1 in November 2014 which introduced a routine inspection and a 100 flying hour life for landing gear tie-rod-ends.

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Pietenpol Air Camper G-ECVB 03-15

Published 12 March 2015