AAIB investigation to Pegasus Quik, G-CBVN

Heavy landing damaged landing gear at Balado Airstrip on 30 November 2014


The aircraft arrived at Balado Airstrip after a flight from the Isle of Bute. The wind was light and from the west as the pilot made a normal approach to Runway 24. As he rounded out prior to touchdown, he experienced an area of sink, in addition to being blinded by the glare from a low and bright winter sun. The aircraft landed heavily on the right mainwheel, followed by the nosewheel which dug into the soft grass surface and bent the front forks back as the aircraft came to a halt.

The pilot believes that the unexpected encounter with sink, the low sun and soft ground were all causal factors in the accident.

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Pegasus Quik G-CBVN 03-15

Published 12 March 2015