AAIB investigation to Pegasus Quantum 15, G-MYZK

Loss of directional control on landing, near Wheatley Hill, Co Durham, 1 August 2014.


The microlight was landing at a farm airstrip at the end of a local training flight. The weather was showery and the grass surfaces were wet. There was a light wind from the southwest, and the microlight was landing in an easterly direction, with a slight tailwind. As the microlight decelerated on the grass airstrip, after a normal landing, the instructor asked his inexperienced student to apply the wheel brakes, which could only be operated by the front seat occupant. As the brakes were applied, the microlight appeared to enter a skid and ran off the right hand edge of the prepared surface, before entering a ditch, which ran alongside the airstrip, and tipping forward onto its nose. The cockpit area sustained moderate damage but neither occupant was injured and both were able to vacate the aircraft.

The instructor believed the loss of directional control had occurred as a result of the aircraft skidding on the wet grass.

Download report:

Pegasus Quantum 15 G-MYZK 10-14.pdf

Published 11 June 2015