AAIB investigation to P&M Aviation Quik GT450, G-MCFK

Tipped onto its side during aborted takeoff, at Plaistow Airfield on 6 November 2014.


The purpose of the flight was to familiarise a reasonably experienced pilot of another type of weight-shift microlight with the Quik GT450. After an uneventful circuit and landing, the pilot told the passenger to taxi the aircraft to the runway and perform another, similar circuit. However, this time, contrary to the pilot’s instructions, the passenger adopted an incorrect technique and, despite intervention by the pilot who eventually tried to abandon the takeoff, the aircraft had to be steered left to avoid over-running the runway. During the turn, the aircraft tipped onto its right side.

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P&M Aviation Quik GT450, G-MCFK

Published 14 May 2015