AAIB investigation to Jodel D120A, G-BDWX

Unable to climb after takeoff, Full Sutton, 18 July 2014.


The aircraft took of from Runway 04 at Full Sutton Airfield at close to its maximum all-up weight. The reported wind was from 090° at 10 kt. The pilot noticed a slower than normal acceleration during the takeoff roll, which he expected as the aircraft was heavy, but he was airborne before his decision point. Shortly after becoming airborne, at approximately 50 ft, the pilot reported that the aircraft encountered a downdraft and he was unable to prevent it from sinking. The aircraft was unable to climb above the rising ground ahead, and its undercarriage collided with a hedge forcing the aircraft to pitch forward onto the ground, where the undercarriage collapsed and the aircraft came to an abrupt halt. The pilot made the aircraft safe and he and his passenger exited normally.

During its last LAA flight test, at close to its maximum weight, the aircraft reportedly achieved a climb rate of over 600 fpm.

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Jodel D120A Paris-Nice G-BDWX 12-14

Published 16 December 2014