AAIB investigation to Jodel D117, G-AWFW

Aircraft overturned on landing, near Keighley, West Yorkshire, 1 June 2014.


The aircraft flew from Sywell Airfield to a private airfield near Keighly, West Yorkshire, which had two grass runways: 11/29 which was 435 m long by 15 m wide, and 06/24 which was 325 m long and 10 m wide.

The pilot reported that the weather was fine and calm for landing, and that he flew a powered ‘short field’ approach to Runway 24. The runway surface was of wet grass and was soft. After touchdown, the aircraft’s main wheels sank into the surface, causing it to pitch nose down and overturn. The cockpit canopy was crushed, trapping the two occupants. The emergency services attended and the occupants, who both suffered spinal injuries, were assisted from the aircraft and taken to hospital.

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Jodel D117 G-AWFW 12-14

Published 16 December 2014