AAIB investigation to Ikarus C42 FB100, G-ZAVI

Aircraft struck sheep on landing, Lundy Island Airfield, 20 June 2014.


The pilot reported that this was his fourth flight to Lundy Island. On obtaining ‘PPR’, he was advised that sheep might be grazing on the runway. On arriving there, he saw a number of sheep on the runway and made two approaches and low passes before they were clear. On the third approach he noticed a ewe and its lamb close to the threshold and decided to land long. Just as the sheep disappeared from his view, he was aware of the ewe running to the right and the lamb to the left.

The pilot recorded that the landing was normal, but when he applied the brakes the aircraft did not slow down and headed towards a wall beyond the end of the runway. He steered the aircraft to the right across some uneven ground, where the nose leg collapsed and the propeller blades struck the ground. The right wheel spat and hydraulic brake pipes were found to be damaged.

Following the accident, a dead lamb was found close to the threshold. The pilot suspects that during the landing the right main wheel had struck the lamb, breaking the spat and damaging the hydraulic brake pipes.

Download report:

Ikarus C42 FB100 G-ZAVI 09-14.pdf (127.62 kb)

Published 10 December 2014