AAIB investigation to Hoffmann H36 Dimona, G-CEUT

Runway excursion after landing; RAF Wittering, Cambridgeshire; 9 August 2014.


The pilot reported that due to glider operations on the runway aircraft were using the southern taxiway parallel to Runway 26. The wind was estimated to be from 260° at 15 to 20 kt. The METAR for RAF Wittering recorded the wind at 0950 hrs, about 20 minutes before the accident, to be from 250° at 17 gusting 27 kt.

After lift off the left wheel touched the runway. Shortly thereafter the left wing dropped slowly and the aircraft started to turn left. The pilot applied full right aileron and right rudder but this had no effect. After the aircraft had turned through about 70° its left wing struck the ground and it “fell” from 10 ft, landing heavily. The aircraft subsequently hit a boundary fence, spun through a further 90° and came to rest. The occupants vacated the aircraft uninjured.

The pilot presumed that the left wing stalled as a result of a gust of wind.

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Hoffmann H36 Dimona G-CEUT 12-14

Published 16 December 2014